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– Availability
-As we enter the busiest part of the 2018-19
season, it is imperative that you update your availability
regularly. All of you are neeeded. You should also make sure
all of your information, on the website is up to date.

Registration for the NAWGJ National Symposium is now open.
Jeanne de Keyserling has again agreed to organize the
registration. Check your email for further information.

For every meet you are assigned to, you should receive a contract.

Only if the meet is assigned through our JAS system, is each
NAWGJ member covered
for $500,000. This is in addition to USAG
coverage, which is $1,000,000 per occurance.

-The mileage rate has been changed to $.58 per mile.
-Technical Committe Minutes from Nov. 8-11, 2018. It is
available on the USAG website. Addional information and helps
for judges, may also be found on the NAWGJ website. Check both
sites regularly for updates/changes.
-Available on the USAG website is an Xcel practice quiz.

Mission Statement It is the mission of the National Association of Women Gymnastics Judges to provide professional development for its members and to support and promote women’s gymnastics in the United States.